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100% Animal - Saisons 1-4

Inspired by the format of the show, the website produced a series of weekly columns designed to be both educational and fun, signed by Anaïs Favron and her two collaborators Mathieu Pichette and Silvi Tourigny.

Every week, young fans were able to discover humorous videos from “animal columnist” Mathieu Pichette and learn more about the surprising superpowers of some animals, discover unusual facts about the weekly guest, and take a short, fun quiz! They could also view exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of animal co-hosts waiting for their 15 minutes of fame and check out Le Courrier d’Anaïs for fan questions and photos of their four-legged friends.

To celebrate the show’s final season, users were able to test their animal knowledge and deduction skills with the Animal mystère (Mystery Animal) game.

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