Les Affranchis

5 trucs pour la planète

The planet is in trouble. The scarcity of resources, the unending droughts, floods, and pollution are just some of the plagues that show us day after day that Earth is on the brink of catastrophe. What can we do to save our home? And how can we help as a teenager?

These are the questions that Ève Landry answers in 5 trucs pour la planète (5 Tips for the Planet), the first web series produced by Les Affranchis and distributed on the official website of ICI Explora.

With humour and flair, our hostess speaks to the youngest among us and shows them that it is possible to do your part by committing simple acts. Eating and consuming more responsibly? Better composting? Reducing your energy usage? Taking care of yourself without polluting? Making a zero-waste lunch? Follow the link to see how these things are possible!

After all, who really wants to have to find a new planet and help seven billion people move there? Not us!