Les Affranchis


Aquaverse is a “serious game” based on the general mechanics of a management game which introduces a variety of scientific notions to English-speaking students from grades 1 to 3. The player needs to take care of fish and plants in an aquarium over the course of a predetermined number of turns. To do so, the student needs to select the correct parameters so that their fish and plants can cohabitate and grow. The aquarium looks like a real one and events occur randomly to disrupt its residents (power outage, broken filter, fungal infection, etc.). If the student maintains balance within their aquarium, they will have succeeded in their mission and will earn badges and decorative items in addition to gaining access to the swamp.

This second component immerses the player into a swamp ecosystem over the course of several seasons. The student will find trash that they will have to remove by using a simple machine and then sort it into to the correct bins to earn more badges. Thanks to a host of complementary information and animated sequences, the player will be able to better understand how simple machines work all while learning more about the wildlife and flora of Ontario.

This resource is available on the Virtual and Learning Environments (VLE-D2L) of each English-language school board in Ontario as well as on tablets.