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Ari Cui Cui cuisine-surprise

The Ari Cui Cui cuisine-surprise application invites children from 4 to 6 years of age to create recipes filled with magic, surprises, and laughter, which they can then offer to the show's characters: Solo, Colomba, Tapedidou, and Dr. Rolala. Young kids will get to discover new foods, identify emotions, practice their fine motor skills, and integrate certain general lessons such as numbers, letters, and shapes.

The game's creative mode allows children to create dishes by selecting ingredients from their fridge or their pantry, and by adding a dash of fantasy by rummaging through the pockets of Ari Cui Cui's magical apron. A happiness unicorn, some anger lightning, a few musical notes, or a heart full of love... these ingredients bring a final magical touch to the culinary creations, leading to surprising and whimsical results every time: a sleep-inducing mushroom cake, a love-filled soup, hot sauce cookies, a chicken smoothie that gives courage, etc. Players can then offer their dishes to the character of their choice and see their various reactions based on the selected ingredients!

For older kids or those who are looking for a more directed experience, the game's guided mode offers 8 missions of increasing difficulty, which feature variations of the 4 base recipes in the app (smoothies, soups, cookies, and cakes). The player can progress as they complete all of the delicious recipes proposed by Ari Cui Cui!

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