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Keeper of my Home

Keeper of My Home is a digital educational resource that aims to bring greater awareness to First Nations students about issues regarding housing, safety, and health.

Intended for young students from kindergarten to grade 12 who attend school in reserves all across the country, the project includes interactive learning modules as well as educational materials to be used by teachers, all in a single digital platform.

Each module is divided into specific grade levels and includes videos, which are narrated by Indigenous peoples, and minigames that cover four major themes: maintaining a home, health, safety, and traditional teachings. The 45 characters created for the project stem from a dozen different First Nations communities, which allows the user to interact with a variety of Indigenous peoples and promotes openness to other communities. By completing the 13 modules, the player collects 52 symbolic engravings from 10 nations, which will be added to a “tree of knowledge” displayed in their school.

Designed for the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation in partnership with First Nations authors and experts, this project provides young people with the tools they need to become agents of change and to get involved in their families and communities, thereby improving their economic and social conditions. By making sure the experience is in line with students’ own histories and traditions, the platform’s goal is to convey this powerful legacy and help them develop a sense of pride for their roots and their identity.

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