Les Affranchis

Lise Watier : Une vie à entreprendre

Lise Watier : Une vie à entreprendre is the first digital book produced by Les Affranchis! With more than 200 intricately designed pages, the book goes beyond the usual conventions of this medium. This digital coffee table book tells the story of Ms. Watier’s life starting with her childhood and includes a ton of archive images along with about 40 video and audio excerpts.

Selecting, processing, laying out, and editing the content was a major challenge. There was a lot to choose from: biographies, dialogues, photos, audio excerpts, videos as well as a ton of additional information which made deciding on an overall theme a bit tricky.

To simplify the process, we developed visual codes and interactive mechanisms that applied to every level of content. This allows the reader to quickly find what they’re looking for and understand the story we wanted to tell. Furthermore, the book’s graphics had to be in line with the cosmetic brand’s modern, sleek image.