Les Affranchis

Newfoundland at Armageddon

This innovative interactive project was produced to be a companion to the documentary of the same name which was broadcast in English on CBC and in French on Radio-Canada. It features stories based on real events of the men and women of Newfoundland who lived through the Great War.

The user is right alongside the characters during major events such as military training, the journey to Europe, their daily lives in a warzone, the death of a friend, and their return home. Twenty-nine unique, highly emotional journeys are available, depicting the various facets of wartime. Additional information is also available to provide more history about each story.

The key element of the project is the meticulous, in-depth artistic direction that oversaw the creation of 99 unique visual compositions which combined historical pictures, archive images, and artefacts. By evoking real locations, situations, and persons, these images help generate an emotional response and reflection while adding a beautiful component to the story, despite the horrific events that took place.