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Occupation Double: Bali and Greece

Occupation Double returned in 2017 after a 4-year hiatus and contestants got to stay in Bali. The following year, they were welcomed in Greece with its dreamy turquoise water and a new formula: a new contestant enters each house every week for a month, creating instability for the remaining contestants.

Over the course of these two seasons, the online audience was at the heart of the action and could vote at key moments on the official site. These votes were decisive and had a direct impact on the outcome for these contestants looking for love.

The website also offered an abundance of exclusive content: news, photos, diaries of eliminated contestants, travel books and guides, videos showing behind-the-scenes action, and articles giving access to the contestants' most intimate moments... a cornucopia of content was posted every day, lifting the veil on the show and its enchanting locations.

And let's not forget ODmojis, the mobile application that allowed contestants to get animated on viewers' phones. Each week, our favourite contestants' hilarious hijinks were immortalized and added to the application.