Les Affranchis

Pour Sarah

Pour Sarah was a TV show based on tragic events that dealt with the themes of excessive alcohol and drug consumption as well as speeding. Within this context, the team’s challenge was to design a digital platform that would raise awareness among youth about the importance of moderate drinking through a series of dynamic, fun activities.

First, the Fais le bon choix game tested users’ knowledge and skills. During matches of 8 or 16 challenges, players had to answer a series of multiple-choice questions and take part in a few wacky minigames. But they had to beware! Every incorrect answer impaired their faculties by altering the interface. To make it to the end, they had to choose wisely!

Les Affranchis also produced Les Mythes limites, a series of four funny videos filmed with the show’s actors who relied on comedy (and self-deprecation) to dispel myths around the unproven ways to sober up after drinking.

The digital platform also included a plethora of information on alcohol, drugs, and driving. The user could browse the content that was designed in an attractive, vibrant style and discover a multitude of interesting statistics and enlightening facts.

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