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Savoirs légendaires

Savoirs Légendaires is a series in which Samian, a multidisciplinary Métis rapper, meets several Indigenous communities and explores with them the beauty of their mythology and oral tradition through animated shorts.

To promote the series, the website features a host of activities for young and old alike, enabling them to explore the richness of Native ancestral tales and the age-old traditions they embody.

Painting with a bird feather, making an authentic medicine pouch or learning how to make a wampum - an ancestral symbol of goodwill between two parties - are just a few of the crafts and activities offered on the Savoirs Légendaires website! What's more, each new episode comes with its own interactive theme board, a visual and audio scene that children can decorate, admire and download at their leisure. Discovering the richness and splendor of First Nations tales can be an activity as wondrous as it is soothing!