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Discover the Arctic

This mobile app invites kids aged 8 to 12 to join divers Mario Cyr and Jill Heinerth for an adventure exploring the ice floe and its wildlife.

The app includes nearly 150 fascinating, fun, and interactive facts on five animals and their habitat, anatomy, diet, modes of communication, and how climate change is affecting their habitats.

For instance, players can click on the beluga’s bubbles to learn how they communicate, dig into the bear’s den, listen to the sounds of the narwhal, and watch exclusive videos. They can also test their knowledge and collect the animals on the ice flow.

Because the Arctic is undergoing massive change, in-depth research was done to present updated data. This information was reviewed by scientific experts and is communicated in a clear way to the target audience.

In sum, the initiative’s goal is two-fold: help young kids learn about the Arctic and its animals while helping them understanding the effects of climate change on this region of Earth that is warming up fast. But we didn’t want to focus on lecturing kids, we simply wanted to inform them and impress upon them the beauty of the Arctic wildlife in a way that they too will want to protect it!

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