Les Affranchis

100 génies

100 génies offers a game-like online experience directly inspired by the television series: a quiz game in which audience members battle to determine who will rise to the top of the leaderboard!

An exclusive quiz with 12 new questions is unlocked every week during the show's 13-week run featuring the same topics that appear on the show. Just like on the TV show, users try to reach the highest score possible. Scores take into account the accuracy of the player's response and their speed. It isn't enough to simply answer correctly, you also have to do it as fast as possible!

In addition to the weekly leaderboard, users can try to achieve the ultimate prize: appearing on the 100 génies star players leaderboard which displays the 100 players who obtained the best cumulative score over the entire season. Even if the season 1's top 100 génies have already been revealed, anyone can still play all 13 quiz games.

The 100 génies experience also includes an Instagram presence, with content specifically designed by Les Affranchis for that platform.