Les Affranchis

Les Mutants - le nouveau clan

Young gamers are invited to take part in this online adventure game inspired by Les Mutants TV show on Télé-Québec.

The player takes on the role of three mutants who must hide in an abandoned barn. They find an old radio which allows them to contact Marcus, Zoé, and Léo, the main characters from the TV show who provide them with news from the outside world and give them a series of tasks to accomplish in order to save their friend Nicky.

Whether it’s finding resources in the forest, crafting items of clothing and accessories for improving their chances of survival, finding the objects requested by Léo, Marcus, and Zoé, or using their mutant powers to overcome obstacles, the player will have to use all their wits to locate and save Nicky! And watch out for wild animals roaming the forest at night…

Créer trio