Les Affranchis

Living in a warming world

Living in a Warming World is a short book designed to introduce children aged 9 and over to climate change, and more specifically to how animals in Canada are adapting to their new reality. To celebrate the book and bring it to the web, Les Affranchis had the pleasure of teaming up with Parlons sciences to produce an interactive version for young and old alike!

The interactive version of Living in a Warming World introduces six Canadian animals and insects to the impact of climate change on the way they live, reproduce and migrate. The majestic goose, the fierce polar bear, the famous salmon, the hard-working bee, the magnificent Monarch butterfly and the annoying mosquito all do their best to adapt to this changing world, but unfortunately, no one wins... except the mosquito!

Through a combination of texts, educational videos and small play sections, children will discover both the effects of this new reality on animals and some ideas for helping them themselves. As long as there's science, there's hope!