Les Affranchis

Mon stress et moi

Mon stress et moi is a fun, educational Instagram account targeting teens. It’s designed to show them that stress is not only a normal aspect of life that everyone experiences, it can also be useful and have a positive impact! This initiative was created by research scientist Sonia Lupien and is the fruit of a collaboration between the Centre for studies on human stress (CSHS) affiliated with the Centre de recherche de l'Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal (CR-IUSMM) and Les Affranchis.

The account’s posts are presented from the viewpoint of a young teenager who often finds themselves in the company of their Stress, a small charming creature who can be a bit much sometimes.

The content is developed with information provided by members of the Centre for studies on human stress (CSHS). The account’s goal is to shine a light on misconceptions about stress and answer teens’ frequently asked questions such as “Why am I stressed?”, “What’s the purpose of stress?”, “I feel bad, is that normal?”, and “How can I learn to better manage my stress?”

The Mon stress et moi project also includes a series of short comics created by Les Affranchis, designed for elementary students to help them understand and deal with this normal human reaction.