Les Affranchis

Comment devenir une légende

Comment devenir une légende is a TV show featuring characters who are pretty much like teenagers today except for one tiny difference: they live in 13th century medieval times. But a 13th century filled with anachronisms.

In the spirit of the show, the FULL COOL MÉDIÉVAL webzine is a parody of teen magazines. It features trendy columns and other kinds of content that appeal to medieval youth such as personality tests, interviews with celebrities, horoscopes, dicussions with the show’s characters, and true stories. It also includes exclusive content from Code Elfe and Gentes Dames toniques covering topics such as royalty, gallantry, and how to throw banquets! And there are also some ads for cutting-edge products such as Castor-Cola, pinecone gum, or the Sorcerer Galaxy 2 phone.

CDUL édition 2